Before computing integrals, you should think.

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if a boy ever used “I ship us” as a pickup line i would totally go out with him

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xi had to teach a guy what ships were



But there is a unwritten rule if im sitting in the same spot for 2 months, dont be a fuckboy and sit there. 

No really. I’ve contemplated murder for shit like this.

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Now my eyes are going to be puffy and I have a feeling it reacted with something in the tissue because they’re itchy as well.

Oh, that gives me am idea. Seasonal allergies - let’s blame that.

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The worst thing they can say is “no”.
The worst thing that can do is make you feel like an absolute failure and force you to reconsider what you’ve done in life and how it will always be inadequate.

Jamais assez.
Has that always been the phrase whispered behind my ear?

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2am and the tears won’t stop.
All I can think of is rooftops and rejection.

I just want to go home and see my friends again and not worry if I’m wanted there or not. I need a break from university and the snide politics that go on here and watching impotent leaders screw up things I’ve worked hard for and just the driving force is
Nobody wants me and assumed someone else would take me and here I am.

I just really want to go home now.

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I am going to kill something.

What do you mean, last version modified was April 15? I opened a version that was saved more recently - i.e. three days ago.


What the fuck do you mean I need to redo three hours worth of work on this stupid piece of shit presentation.

Also - fuck Windows and their need to install updates every fucking week.

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[GIF SET] Emma Watson:

"I was always a very serious child. I remember being, like, 13 and the girls were like, “Felicity is going to kiss Ben on the school field". It’s amazing I had any friends! Because I remember saying “Well, that’s stupid. It’s too young to mean anything. He doesn’t love her, and that’s just a waste of time"

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